Eastern Water Dragon

Eastern Water Dragon(Physignathus lesueurii)
Return-ArrowOther common names: Water Lizard.

General description: Sexually dimorphic with males more robust than females. Prominent spines on head and along length of back, with a laterally compressed body and tail. Long powerful limbs. Olive green to brown in colour with short dark bands on the body, dark stripe behind the eye. Males have a distinctive red flush over the chest.

Average length: Males 245mm, Females 190mm snout-vent length.

Habitat in SE Qld: Occurs in all vegetation types generally in close proximity to water. Has successfully persisted throughout even the most modified riparian habitats and is a common feature of inner city fauna.

Diet: Omnivorous feeding upon small reptiles, worms, frogs, insects, fruit, berries and molluscs.

Local Distribution: Found in all suburbs including the inner-city especially where aquatic habitats are represented.



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