July 2014

July is always the slowest month for snake catchers with relatively few enquiries and less snakes that actually require a snake catcher. Scenarios mostly included carpet pythons found in roof spaces by tradesman or the home handy man. Three carpet pythons between 1900mm and 2200mm were removed from a building being renovated in Warner. Tradesman discovered them when removing sheet iron from the roof. Another carpet python from Brookfield had consumed four caged lorikeets which is uncommon for this time of year. Most snakes are more interested in thermoregulation rather than seeking out prey.

Venomous snakes were even more scarce with a 1200mm Eastern Brown Snake removed from a garden shed by the western Brisbane snake catcher at Sinnamon Park. A tidy 1350mm Red-bellied Black Snake was removed from a regular client at Pinkenba and a smaller specimen from a home at Nudgee.
With August on the way you can expect to start seeing snake activity increase by the end of the month. Be sure to make sure your yards are tidy and limit opportunities for transient snakes to do more in your yard than just pass through.