Lace Monitor

Lace Monitor(Varanus varius)
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Tree Goanna

General description: Long slender tail which is laterally compressed with broad bands on the distal half of the tail. Large in size. Chin is usually banded, body dark grey to black in colour with numerous bands of narrow pale spots or flecks.

Average length: 1.6m..

Habitat in SE Qld: Prefers well-timbered areas and are common in most forest and woodland vegetation types. An excellent climber it is often seen basking on the trunks or limbs of large trees. Most foraging occurs on the ground but it is equally at home taking young birds and eggs from nests

Diet: Carnivorous feeding on carrion, small reptiles, birds and mammals and eggs. Often encountered raiding eggs from domestic poultry enclosures.

Local Distribution: The Lace Monitor is widespread throughout South East Queensland occurring in suburban backyards in close proximity to forested areas. The Greater Brisbane suburbs of Sinnamon Park, Chapel Hill, Pullenvale, Daisy Hill, Oxley, The Gap, Enoggera and Springfield are known regular localities for the species.






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