Sand Monitor

Sand-Monitor-003(Varanus gouldii)
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Sand Goanna

General description: Tail is laterally compressed with regular rings. Grey streaks on throat forming a ā€˜Vā€™ shape, pale-edged dark stripe extending from the eye and a cream to yellow patternless tail-tip. Brown to reddish brown in colour with pale yellow speckling which tends to cluster into tight transversely arranged dark-centered spots.

Average length: 1.5m.

Habitat in SE Qld: Ground dwelling species occurring in sclerophyll forests and arid environments, sheltering in burrows, hollow logs and dense leaf litter.

Diet: Carnivorous unselectively feeding upon small vertebrates, insects and carrion.

Local Distribution: Recent captures and sightings close to Brisbane include western suburbs such as Anstead, Mt Crosby and Pine Mountain at Ipswich. Relatively widespread west of Ipswich.






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