Wildlife QLD

Wildlifeqld.com.au is a unique site dedicated to providing information and services to assist with wildlife related conflicts. Whether it be a swooping bird, a snake, a brush turkey mounding in your yard or a possum in your roof we endeavour to first provide information which allows you to assist yourself and then if all else fails give you details for an experienced local contact for further information. We believe understanding through positive and factual information fosters empathy and allows both wildlife and people to coexist without fear or frustration. Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast snake catcher contacts are provided as well as further localities across Australia. WildlifeQLD is based in Brisbane, Queensland and has been a long term provider of information and mitigation for wildife over the past 20 years.

Snake identification
email photosDid you know WildlifeQld offers a snake identification service. For our snake identification service simply use the upload form on www.snakecatchers.com.au We provide our Australian snake identification service free of charge and always welcome high quality images for potential inclusion on our website. This service is not just for Queensland snake identification but for all snake id across Australia.


We recognise the value of our wildlife yet understand the dangers that can be associated with some wildlife such as snake and swooping bird species. Snake catchers and specialist bird relocators contact details are provided to enable a swift response to your queries and/or potential relocation requirements. A comprehensive snake identification page is currently provided for some regions and this is ever expanding. Additionally we offer a free snake identification service that allows you to send in images of the snake you have encountered.