of South East Queensland


of South East Queensland

Common Delma

Common DelmaDelma plebeia
Other common names: None.

General description: Uniform grey or brown above and white below with some individuals with barring on the lips. Head darker than body; black in juveniles with the sides of neck and face blotched with dark markings.

Distinguished from snake by:

  • Presence of movable eyelids,
  • Fleshy tongue (not forked),
  • Vestigial hind limb flaps present
  • Ear openings.

Average length: 120mm. Tail can be about 3 times length of body.

Habitat in SE Qld: Inhabitant of ground debris and leaf-litter in heaths, dry sclerophyll forests and savannah woodlands, and tolerant of disturbed areas adjacent to brigalow communities and Spinifex sand-plains west of Brisbane.

Diet: Feeds on small ground dwelling insects.

Local Distribution: Excluding moister suburbs it has been recently recorded in Closeburn, Murrumba Downs, Wacol, Ipswich, Mt Crosby and Amberley. Expected to be widespread in suburbs with preferred dry vegetative structure.

Around the home: Due to its cryptic nature and nocturnal movement the Common Delma is not often seen. Most records are from individuals uncovered in diurnal refugia under ground debris such as timber and discarded rubbish.



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